Welcome to Noor-e-Taybah Islamic School, Manchester.  We are committed to providing you with the best possible Islamic education covering a wide range of study areas including Tajweed, Hifz, Islamic Studies, Urdu and Arabic language.


Noor-e-Taybah is an ambitious school which sets high expectations of staff and students, challenging and nurturing young Muslims to be the best that they can be in all walks of life.  The school has been brought together by experienced teachers to bring about an Islamic education that affirms our Islamic identity.

We at Noor-e-Taybah Islamic School are of the opinion that a broad curriculum, delivered in a safe caring Islamic environment, gives us confidence to practice our faith in the environment we live in.

The Ethos of the school is based around enhancing Taqwa into one’s life and allowing pupils to reach their potential in achieving excellence. We intend to motivate students in becoming outstanding in every field they step into.

“Can those that have knowledge and those that don’t ever be similar” (Qur’an)
“A person who treads upon a path seeking knowledge Allah shall make the path to Paradise
easy for him”. (Hadith)
The Best amongst you is he who teaches and learns the Qur’an. (Hadith)


Verses and hadith like these allow us to comprehend the importance Islam places on seeking knowledge, as ‘Read’ was the first word that was revealed.  We hope and pray your child too can be part of this journey by achieving your goals and ambitions here at Noor-e-Taybah Islamic School.